Movie Trailer Resources

Here are all the trailer resources that I use regularly as a fan, and as an editor!

Where to watch movie trailers

The most well known places are of course YouTube, and Apple's trailer site, but here are some alternatives if you want high quality downloads and/or surround sound versions.

Surround sound versions are especially useful if you want to edit mashups or videos, because as explained in my tutorial you can isolate the center channel, and hear versions of trailers like the one that got accidentally released for the Tom Cruise reboot of The Mummy.

  • - Regularly updated, with pages dedicated to each film with all trailers in the campaign.
  • The Digital Theater - Rotating selection of trailers with high quality MP4 and MKV files with AC3 or uncompressed audio. Many, but not all have true discrete 5.1 channels with isolated dialogue in the center channel.
  • Demo World - Surround sound encodes of trailers from demo discs.
  • - Encodes classic trailers, and has an active forum with trailer news and high quality encodes.
  • Game Trailers YouTube - Latest video game trailers
  • @Microtrailers - A bot that takes 6 random seconds from the new releases on Steam. More of a fascinating look into how quickly you can decide you find something appealing or not.

Who makes movie trailers

There are DOZENS of trailer houses that work on everything from small indie films to the biggest Summer blockbusters.

You can find the names of just about all of them in the Golden Trailer Awards' directory page! Most of them have Twitter accounts with relatively few followers, so give them some love.

Also, follow @Trailerbeat; whenever a new trailer comes out, they do their best to find which house cut it.

Unfortunately there's no Trailerbeat equivalent for game trailers, but you can find out names of various agencies via the Game Marketing Awards nominees.

Trailer music information

Ever wonder what music cue was used for a particular trailer? Sometimes the answer is in the YouTube comments, but here are some more resources:

  • Trailer Music Weekly - YouTube channel that posted videos with the music from trailers (no longer updated).
  • - An extensive archive of music info for trailers.
  • - Forum for sharing information about trailer music.
  • Immediate Music - Professional trailer music library that allows non-monetized use on YouTube for free
  • Position Music - Professional trailer music library with flexible license options including YouTubers
  • Audiomachine - Professional trailer music library with flexible license options including YouTubers

Trailer sound effects

Trailers use a very specific type of sound design, and few people even know what those sound effects are even called. Descriptors for trailer sound effects generally include: hits, whooshes, rises, and drones (and variations on each).

NOTE: When you find a sound effects library, check their licensing information, because several trailer sound effects libraries license on a per use basis, and are not free to use willy nilly.

I'm always on the lookout for more royalty free SFX libraries, so if you find any new ones, please send them along! I'm mostly on the hunt for libraries that sound less specific, by which I mean they're sounds that could be used in multiple genres instead of just sounding like they belong in a Transformers trailer.

Here are the libraries I currently use for my trailers (royalty free). They range in price from free to a few hundred dollars each, but don't assume that the cheaper ones are low in quality!

Phew! That should be plenty to get you started.

One final thing is this parody of blockbuster trailers that is so good that I wish I made it. Whenever possible I try to remind people that high quality audio is vastly more important than the video, and this video perfectly sums up why.