I’LL help you make a great trailer!


Have you ever made a trailer and thought to yourself:
"What would it take to make this better?" or "Why isn't this working?"

I have years of experience making successful game trailers, and even experienced video editors can have difficulty making a good trailer, so it's perfectly understandable to feel lost.

An unbiased, expert perspective could be all your trailer needs to gain structure and clarity..


Recorded video critique

[critique GIF]

In this video I do a live reaction to your trailer, then critique and annotate things which need fixing.
For an example, you can watch my game trailer critique streams every Friday on Twitch!

Detailed notes

[notes photo]

These notes are to help you understand what it is your specific trailer needs to be improved, and how you should think about the content you put into your trailer.

Annotated Frame.io link

[frame.io image]

These are the moment by moment annotated notes for what needs fixing in each section, whether it's related to capture, editing, sound design or music. This can work as your checklist as you work through the fixes I propose.

One hour video call

I'll walk you through my notes for your trailer so you can understand the thinking which motivated each and every one of them. This is also your opportunity to ask any remaining questions about your trailer or editing in general.


Derek's advice was clear and precise and helped us improve the overall structure of our editing, which resulted in a stronger final trailer.

His suggestions showed us how to focus on the most important elements in our game, and remove clips that didn't convey anything useful to the viewer.

His advice gave us a different perspective on how to explain our game mechanics in a straightforward way and catch people's attention as quickly as possible.

Gustav Dahl, Tunnel Vision Games

Derek's feedback was extremely valuable to help me see what was important for my trailer, and just as important, what to leave out. I liked that he didn't just tell me what to do, but explained why things worked and why they didn't.

The consultation helped me think more like an editor, and allowed me to see other moments that better captures the viewer's interest, and highlights what is unique about my game.

I even came away with a couple of ideas for the game itself which made it better. Derek's experience and professionalism as an editor really show, and I'd gladly consult with him on another trailer.

Jason Godbey, Discolored