i'll make a trailer for your GAME!

More than ever, game trailers are critically important to help your audience find you. No one has time to play all the things, but most will spare a couple minutes to see if they want to dedicate more time to your game.

When you're so immersed making your game, it's easy to lose perspective on what will stand out to the audience. Sometimes you feel like everything is awesome, so you want to show it all. Other times you think it's all horrible, and you have no idea which part to highlight.

I provide fresh eyes to show
the best of YOUR GAME

I think about trailers
a lot

Time spent making a trailer costs you precious development time better spent working on a build for a major press event, or your game's launch. If you've never made a trailer before, it will likely take you more time than someone with my experience.

I've produced trailers for small team indie games, and worked with agencies to edit trailers for multi-million dollar epic action blockbusters. I even make trailers for games just because I'm a fan.

This is what I do, and I LOVE it.

I love nothing more than making a tightly edited trailer, whether for something dramatic, epic, or cute! Game capture is a unique skill that combines skilled play, directing, cinematography, and in-game acting. I'm constantly looking for new ways to combine all these skills into my next trailer!